on this page you can find downloads for my released music, as well as perhaps some demos and sketches. everything on this page is available for free, although some of my music can be purchased via my bandcamp if you'd like to support me.


Vanilla Salt [moka! REMIX]

uk hardcore

original song by 堀江由衣

Serendipity [moka! REMIX]


eurobeat-ish remix of one of my favourite anime singles ♡ original song by ZAQ

Need Your Love

happy hardcore

90s style happy hardcore track :)

Move to the Rhythm

happy hardcore

old skool

Wanting Me

uk hardcore

Into the Dark (feat. Raze)

drum and bass

vocals performed by Raze

demos & sketches

note: these files are incomplete and unmastered, and as such, they may vary in loudness, contain unpleasant resonance or sibilance, etc. listen with care! these might eventually get finished and released, or they may stay here forever :)

arrange of Espgaluda stage 1 theme
arrange of Espgaluda stage 3 theme
arrange of Espgaluda boss theme
remix of DJ Satomi - Waves. unmastered
some kind of techno track, not usually my style
hold you tight rc2.mp3
mostly finished track but i hate the bass
eurobeat track i started, needs vocals...