welcome to my homepage! i'm moka! and this website is home to my music and all things related. i make dance music, mostly adjacent to genres like happy hardcore, uk hardcore, hands up, trance, and drum and bass. you can find most of my released work on the downloads page or externally on bandcamp and soundcloud. this website is designed to be lightweight and usable on most systems that can connect to it. enjoy :)

a bit about me:

my real name is allie (31, she/her), and i'm from ontario, canada. i've been making music since i was a teenager in the mid 2000s, when i fell in love with dance music and wanted to be a part of it. it seems i never really left that time period, because most of my music is still heavily influenced by what i listened to back then! i generally take inspiration from anything that existed on youtube in 2007 with a hard kick and a picture of an anime girl slapped on it.

how i make music:

i have two different setups i make music on depending on my mood. i've got a macbook pro that i use all my modern software on, but more recently i've been making more music on a dedicated windows xp machine for fun. i use fl studio on both systems, although i run fl 11 on xp because i love the old ui. i make most of my music with a pair of akg 240 headphones. i often simply use my laptop speakers when i'm composing, because it forces me to not get too caught up in the mix too early on.

here are some of my favourite tools and plugins:

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some of my friends:

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